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Fire Company News
2005 Archives

Nursing Home Fire with Entrapment

12/28/2005 19:27 HRS: Engine 88 was dispatched to 6400 Hulmeville Rd for a fire alarm. Right after dispatched BCFR upgrade the assignment to a Nursing Home Fire. DC44 arrived on scene to find that the building was in the process of evacuation by staff. DC44 found heavy smoke on the ground floor hallway with confirmed entrapment. DC44 assumed the Newport Command and put Engine 88 and Ladder 65 in service with fire suppression. Fire was found to be knocked down by sprinkler system. Rescue was performed by BC88 (Dydak) and Chief 185 (Topley). Pt was taken away to an area hospital with burns. All other companies that responded assited with accountability of occupants. Responding companies were Engines 88,12,7,65 Squrt 44, Ladders 8,65 rescues 8,9. Rescue 9 had R.I.T. and Canteen 4. Numerous EMS units were called by EMS command to assist with occupants. Fire is under investigation by the Bensalem FMO.

Terry's Trailer Park Vehicle Fire

Engine companies 44 and 88 were dispatched to a vehicle fire at 1302 Gibson Road (Terry's Trailer Park) on 12-4-05 at 1539 hours to find a vehicle in the woods fully involved. Companies in service with 1 3/4 " line. The fire is under investigation by the Bensalem FMO and Bensalem Township Police Department.

Two Alarm Building Fire
Engine compaines 44 and 88 were dispatched to a second alarm building fire at 2217 Bristol Pike in Station 16 local. Engine 44 was placed on a hydrant and Engine 88 was in staging. Both engine crews were placed in to service with overhaul and checking for extension. The fire is under investigation by the Bensalem FMO.

Top of the Ridge Trailer Park Fire

Engines 44, 88, 12 and Rescue 8 were dispatched to a reported trailer fire at Top of the Ridge Trailer Park. Numerous calls were reported to BCFR of entrapment. Deputy 44 arrived on scene and established Newport Command. Command reported one trailer well involved with one exposure. Engine 12 on scene side "C" at hydrant position. Engines 44 & 88 were side "A" and went in service with two 1 3/4" lines. EMS transported on victim with burns to SMMC. Deputy 8 had side "C" and Battalion 84 had side "A". Rescue 9 was RIT. The Red Cross was called to the scene to help the homeowners. Bensalem FMO arrived on scene and the cause of this fire in under investigation.

Early Morning Apartment Fire
Newport Fire Company was dispatched to a reported apartment fire at 0147 hours. Medic 185 arrived on scene and reported a two story garden style apartment with smoke showing side "A". Engine 88 arrived on scene and went into service with a 1 3/4" line. Battalion 88 arrived on scene and assumed Newport Command. Ladder 65 side "A" went in service with ventilation, search and laddered side "A". Ladder 8 side "C" laddered and vented. Squirt 44 pulled a back-up line and searched exposure apartments. Deputy 65 had side "A" and Chief 44 had side "C". Assisting companies were Engines 4, 7 and Medic 185. Bensalem FMO on scene and cause is under investigation.

Winding Brook Dr. Car Fire

On October 28, 2005 at 17:31 hours a call for a car fire came out. Upon arrival at the 4500 blk Winding Brook Drive, a 1991 white Jetta was engulfed in flames. E-88, E-44 and E-65 arrived on scene and put out the fire but the vehicle was destroyed.

Bensalem High School Car Fire

On October 24, 2005 at 0737 hours, E 44, E 88 and E 28 were dispatched to a car fire at the Bensalem High School North Wing Parking lot. Upon arrival, the vehicles engine compartment was showing heavy smoke. Bensalem Police Officier Greg Winokur, also a member of Newport Fire Company, used a hand held extingusher to control the fire, which helped minimize damage and from affecting other vehicles in the area. E 44 then insured the fire was out with it's waterline.

Accu-Weld Building Fire

Box 4418 was called to action on 10-23-2005 @ 1550 hours.Those responding were E44, Squirt 44, E 88, L 65, TW 11, E 28 and E 28-1. Upon arrival a large commercial building, Accu-Weld was showing smoke from side D. Ladder 65 setup to the roof while others went into the interior, to find the source of the fire. Inside, a large machine was on fire which was quickly extinguished. Numerous fans were used to elevate the now heavy smoke condition which was throughout the warehouse. The Bensalem Fire Marshal's office was called to investigate.

4327 Hulmeville Rd.

Box 8835 was called out on Oct 8, 2005 with heavy smoke showing from a one story single family dwelling. Interior crews reported a heavy fire condition in the attic area which was quickly knocked down. There was severe damage to the house with Bensalem's Fire Marshal on the scene for investigation.

September House Fire

On the eve of September 11, 2005 at 23:31 hours Engine 44, 88, Squirt 44, Engine 12, Rescue 8 and Tanker 3 were called to a Trailer Park house fire at 1302 Gibson Road. Upon arrive the house was engulfed in flames. Luckily, no one was inside. Heat from the fire melted siding on adjacent homes. No firemen were injured on this call but a civilian was burned. This fire is under investigation by the Bensalem Fire Marshall.

Spring Evening Duck Rescue

A warm springtime evening was suddenly interrupted by the call of our fire pagers. “Assist the Chief Officer at reduced speed”. It could mean anything.

We arrived at the scene to see Deputy Chief Mike Dydak, Jr. assessing the situation. We could hear a mother calling out to her children. It seems that a Mamma Duck was out walking with her 8 ducklings, when one by one the babies fell through a sewer. Unable to help them herself, mom was sure glad to see the firefighters. Deputy Mike had the sewer grate removed and did not hesitate to descend into the darkness. With bucket and flashlight in hand, Mike captured the strays.

As neighbors gathered and anxiously watched the rescue, Mike came to the opening with 8 little crying ducklings in hand. As they were handed up, you could hear the mom answering their calls, while the small crowd applauded. The ducklings were placed on the lawn where they proceeded in single file behind mom for a walk in a safer area.

While most emergency calls are not as simple as this, we are all called to assist the needs of our communities in one way or another. Whether it is a raging house fire, a vehicle accident or something as simple as rescuing lost ducklings, whatever we do, let’s all be safe and do the right thing.

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