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Fire Company News
2006 Archives

Sink Fire

On the morning of 12-16-2006, the company was dispatched to a reported dwelling fire on Adams Court South. Responding companies were Engines 88, 44, 7 and L 65. BCFR advised DC 44 that the homeowner was reporting smoke coming out from behind the cabinets in the kitchen. BC 88 had light smoke condition on the first floor. E 88 went in service with a p.w. and camera. L 65 handled PPV and utilities. DC 44 held the assignment to 1 and 1.

Assist the Police / McDonalds Fire
The members of Newport Fire Company were dispatched to assist the Bensalem Police with lighting, at an accident scene on Bensalem Blvd.. While on this call, Engine 44 was dispatched with Station 12 for a store fire at McDonald's in Bristol Township. Engine 44 arrived first and reported a smokey condition around the store. DC 44 arrived and reported a one story restaurant with light smoke showing. Engine 44 went in service and located fire in the ceiling of the men's bathroom. The Engine crew opened up the ceiling and found the exhaust fan with minor extension. After the engine crew completed checking for further extension, the engine and the DC turned the incident over to Station 12.

Fire Prevention
The officers and members of the Newport Fire Company held our Annual Open House on Saturday October 14, 2006. We would like to thank the following businesses and partnering fire companies for helping make our day successful and showing the community what we do.
  • Chill Factor 5807 Bensalem Blvd. for their donation of delicious water ice.
  • CJM Construction for building a mock house, so the kids can shoot water from a fire hose, while pretending that they are knocking down a fire. Bensalem Police Motor Patrol, Bensalem SWAT Officer Domonico for his demonstration with the kind of equipment the SWAT officer's use.
  • Bensalem EMS Battalion Chief Vreeland who was on hand, showing equipment used by our local medics in saving lives.
  • Shop Rite Markets for their donation of hotdogs. Bucks County Department of Communications for the County Command Post vehicle.
  • Edgley Fire Company for providing a stand by crew, Cornwells Fire Company for their Tower Ladder and demonstrating it's use in highrise fires.
  • Upper Makfield Fire Company for their Tanker, Penndel Fire Company for their rescue demonstration, and Simons Auto Body for donating the car used for the rescue demonstration.
A thank you to all for a very successful Fire Prevention Day. - Pictures

Tractor Trailer MVA with Entrapment
08/18/2006 18:20 hrs: Companies were dispatched to the PA Turnpike West Bound at the Philadelphia Interchange for a tractor trailer that rolled over at the off ramp. DC44 arrived and confirmed a tractor trailer on its side with one entrapped. The tractor trailer was carrying bread. Rescues 4,8 Engines 65, 88 and Medic 143 responded on the assignment. All hands worked and the victim was extricated in under an hour. Chief 44 had the command.

Gas Leak

08/16/2006 16:52 hrs: Once again, the members of Newport Fire Department were dispatched for the 6th time in one month, for a reported gas leak in the area. DC/44 arrived at the scene on Powder Horn Ct., with a report that a contractor on scene, hit a 2" gas main along with a water line. PECO was called for electric and gas, as well as the water department. The Director of Public Safety and the Director of L & I were called to the scene because of the on going problem. Crews were in service for approximately 2 hours monitoring the area with meters and assisting PECO.

Deck Fire

08/16/2006 15:30 hrs: Engine 88 was dispatched second due, on 84-09 box for a reported dwelling fire. BC 44 arrived on scene and reported the deck on side C of the house was being extinguished by 22 PD . Engine 88 arrived first and went in service with tools, camera, and a trash line. Ladder 65 provided PPV for the interior. No extension to the dwelling.

Building Fire
06/23/2006: The members of Newport Fire Company, were dispatched to a building fire at 1384 block of Byberry Rd. Caller reported a fire in a exhaust stack on top of the oven. Engine 12 arrived and had light smoke on the interior. DC44 arrived and had smoke showing from the roof. DC44 established the Newport Command and placed 2 and 2 in service. Ladder 65 went to the roof, opened up the stack and checked for extensions on the roof. Engine 12 and Squirt 44 worked on the interior, dismantling the motor and stack from the inside. Crews on the interior found a fire on the bottom of the stack. This fire was extinguished and because of the 90 degree heat, command held the assignment to the companies on scene, while they checked for extensions, which proved negative. FM 222-1 was on the scene and is handling the investigation. Responding companies were Squirt 44, Engine(s) 12, 88, 28, Quint 28, Ladder 65, Tower 16, Medic 185.

Vehicle into Building

06/20/2006: Companies were dispatched to the Block Buster Video on Pasqualone Blvd.and Hulmeville Road, for a vehicle into the building with extrication needed. Police arrived and found no extrication was needed but the Engine and Medic 185 were to proceed in for injuries and extensive damage to the building. Responding companies were Engine 44, Rescue 8, 12 and Medic185. Township L & I were called to the scene and they deemed the building closed to business, until repairs were made. DC44 had the command.

Memorial Day Parade

The officers and members of the Newport Fire Company who participated in the annually Bensalem Township Memorial Day Parade. The group staffed Engines 44 and 88, Squrt 44, Field 88, DC44 and BC88 trucks for the parade. The crews even walked the parade route and were receiving many thanks from the residents of Bensalem for providing our services in time of need.

Andrew Dydak and Thomas Topley

On Wed. Dec. 28, 2005, Emergency Services were dispatched at 7:27p.m. to 6400 Hulmeville Road for a personal care facility fire. Living nearby, you responded from your homes directly to the scene. Deputy Chief 44, Michael Dydak Jr., arrived on scene to find the building being evacuated by the staff. Deputy Chief Dydak found heavy smoke in the ground floor hallway with a confirmed entrapment. While the fire was extinguished by the sprinkler system, Andrew Dydak, along with Bensalem EMS Chief Thomas Topley, proceeded into the building where they discovered an elderly resident who had suffered third degree burns over 90% of his body. Disregarding the heavy smoke, they removed the victim from the building, carrying him over steep terrain to an arriving ambulance. The patient later succumbed to his injuries. You are hereby commended for the quick, coordinated life saving efforts that you put forth in trying to save this victimís life and your dedication and commitment to protecting the residents of Bensalem Township.

Mechanicsville Road MVA

05/21/2006: Companies were dispatched to Hulmeville Rd/Mechanicsville Rd for an auto extrication. Police found the accident to be at Mechanicsville Rd/Lillian Dr. One car was into a pole, which snapped in two places. The driver was self extricated from the car before anyones arrival. The driver was transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. Companies responding were Engines 88, 44 Rescues 8, 84 Medic185.

East Drive Dwelling Fire

05/19/2006 - 0300 hrs: The companies were alerted to a Dwelling Fire on East Dr. in the Neshaminy Valley Area. The Bensalem Police were informed of a 3rd party call, reporting fire blowing out the front bay windows. Police arrived and confirmed the report. Chief 44 arrived on scene and advised BCFR of a single story dwelling with fire showing side "A." The Chief placed 2 and 1 in service. However by the time the other companies arrived, Engine 88 who was first in, had the fire knocked and held to the original fire room. Engine 44 conducted the search and checked for extension in the attic, which proved negative. Responding companies were Engines 88, 44, 7, Squirt 44, Ladders 8, 65 (RIT), SS84, and the squad. One person was transported to the hospital for burns. Bensalem FMO was on the scene and the fire is under investigation.

Vehicle Accident PA Turnpike
After a long morning the Newport Volunteers were at it again. The company was dispatched at 1612 hours for a stand by at a vehicle accident on the PA Turnpike mile post 356.5 East Bound. Engines 44, 88, and 10 (Edgely) responded. The Turnpike advised that their was no need for the fire dept. Engine 44 asked the TP if they would like the Engine Company to proceed to the scene, due to the fact that the EMS units responding, were second and third due units and were caught in the traffic jam created by the accident.

The call was held to Engine 44 and the EMS units. Engine 44 with BC 44 on board arrived on scene and found a one car accident. Upon further investigation, the crew found two people trapped in the back seat of the car. Rescue 10-1 was added to the call for a door pop. The Engine with a crew of 4 did stabilization, assisted in the extrication and assisted the medics crew with pt care. In the end, the two rear doors and the roof were removed. The crews operated for approx. one hour before returning to service.

Units on the scene Engine 44, BC44, Rescue 10-1, Chief 10, Medic 114, and Medic 168. This accident is under investigation by PA State Police. Note: this was the 4th call for the day. The day finished out with 5 calls, one being a working house fire and one an extrication.

Dwelling Fire

05/12/2006: At 03:35 hrs. the members of Newport Fire Co. were dispatched to a dwelling fire on the 1100 block of Elberta Avenue. Engine 44 arrived on scene and had a ranch style home, with smoke showing from the roof. Engine(s) 44 and 88 had primary and back up lines and worked opening the ceiling. The engine companies encountered fire running the attic. Truck companies were sent to the roof to open it up. Fire companies were on the same street earlier in the morning, for a transformer that was struck by lighting during a brief thunder storm. When the companies were out for that, they had multiple residences coming out and informing command of burning odors in their houses. PECO was called for both calls. A PECO worker that was still on scene, after the first call, was the one who noticed the fire, called 911 and woke the owners, who were sleeping at the time and didn't even know that their house was on fire. Companies responding in on the call were Engines 44, 88, 28, Squrt 44, Quint 28, Ladders 16, 65 and Medic 185. Chief 44 had the command.

181 Rittenhouse Circle
04/24/2006: In the late hours of Wednesday evening, the members of Newport Fire Company, were specially called by Chief 12 to respond on their fire at 181 Rittenhouse Circle. When Sqt-44 and E-88 arrived on scene, they were given multiple orders consisting of overhaul, ventilation and shutting down the sprinkler system. The company was in service for about an hour and a half.

William Dettmer, Jr.

The officers and members of the Newport Fire Co. would like to announce with deep regrets the passing of former 1st. Assistant Chief and Life Member William Dettmer Jr., who passed away Friday, April 21, 2006. Services for Assistant Chief Dettmer were held on April 28, 2006.

1300 block Gibson Rd

04/03/2006: Stations 44, 88, 2,and 8 were diaptched to Terrys Trailer Park for a dwelling fire at 21:23 hours. Companies arrived to find a fire that started behind the wall, next to an outlet which went to the dryer.. Crews opened the wall and found no extension other than around the outlet itself. Power was shut off the the dwelling and FM 222-1 responded to the scene.

03/23/2006 Bridgewater Road

03/23/2006: The company was dispatched for a reported building fire in the 1400 block of Bridgewater Rd at 04:41. Responding companies were Engines 44, 88, 28, 11, Quint 28, and Ladders 11, 65. While enroute BCFR advised DC44 that 22PD was on scene and confirming a working fire. C11 arrived on scene and placed one and one in service. DC44 arrived and assumed the Newport Command. Command placed all hands in service with fire running the roof. Engine 44 split layed and went in service to the interior while Engine 88 picked up the lay and reversed to a hydrant, and then pulled a back up line. Ladder 65, Quint 28 were sent to the roof to start opening up. Ladder 11 opened all the over head doors on side A. Rescue 8 was called for the fast team. Engines 4, 12 and Rescue 16 were added for additional manpower. All crews were released by 0630. Fire is under investagation by FM 222-1.

Three Tactical Assignments within 40 Minutes

03/21/2006: The members of Newport responded to two dwelling fires and one heater fire all within 40 minutes of the first call. The first call was dispatched as a dwelling fire for the deck on the rear of the house on fire. Responding was Engines 44, 88, 7 and Ladder 8. Chief 8 arrived and reported the fire on the deck was out, minor smoke condition, and held it to Engine 44 and Ladder 8. While the released companies were taking up, BCFR advised DC44 of a reported Dwelling fire in the Neshaminy Valley section. Dispatched were Engines 88, 7, Squirt 44, and Ladder 8. BC88 arrived and reported fire in the second floor bathroom ceiling. Engine 88 and Ladder 8 placed in service. Engine 88 opened the ceiling and checked for extension, while Ladder 8 took care of the electric and smoke removal. When that was held to Engine 88 and Ladder 8, the third fire was dispatched in station 65's local sending Squirt 44 to that call at Thunder Hollow. Squirt 44 arrived and reported to Chief 65 that there was a malfunctioning heater. After all was said and done the company was back in service within 1 1/2 hours after the first dispatch. The first two fires are under the investigation of FM222-1.

Auto Extrication

01/10/2006: Engine 88 was dispatched with Station 65 on an auto extrication at 0901. Chief 65 arrived and confirmed a one car roll over with entrapment. Engine 65 cribbed the car and Engine 84 went in service with air bags and hand tools. Engine 88 assisted in the extrication and the medic crew with pt care. Accident is under investigation by 22pd.

Bridgewater Rd. Building Fire

01/06/2006: 08:08: Companies 44,88,28,65,11,185 were dispatched to Bridgewater Road for a building fire. Chief 65 arrived on scene and had light smoke showing. Squrt 44 split layed at the front gate and went in service 1 3/4", Engine 88 picked up the lay and pulled a back-up line, Ladders 11,65 laddered the building and went to the roof. All other companies staged. Fire was placed under control in about 15 minutes. Fire is under investigation by the Bensalem FMO.

First Job of the Year: Box 28-14