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Fire Company News
2007 Archives

PA Turnpike Vehicle Extrication

09/04/2007 Box 65-77, PA Turnpike WB @ Philadelphia:
DC 65 arrived on scene with a US mail tractor trailer overturned with the driver entrapped. E65, E88 , R4 and R8 arrived and went to work controlling hazards, and gaining access to the driver. Extrication was complete at 1702 hrs.

Philadelphia Park Barn Fire
09/01/2007 Box 65-22, Philadelphia Park:
Crews were dispatched to the Philadelphia Park Casino/Racetrack for a barn fire early Saturday morning. Deputy 65 AOS shortly after 05:30 hrs and reported nothing showing but he did have an active water-flow from Barn 19. Crew advised command of an activated sprinkler system with an extinguished fire a stall of Barn 19.

Day Care Center Fumes Call
08/30/2007 Box 44-6, 5621 Bensalem Blvd:
44-6 Engine 44 and Engine 12 Dispatched to 5621 Bensalem Blvd for fumes in the building, Engine 44's crew met up with owner who said multiple people where sick FM 222-1 Arrived on scene and added 4 Medics to the scene. Crews form Engines 44 & 88 found out that a painter had painted the back of the building early in the day and the fumes made people sick. Crews from 44 & 88 and Bensalem Police and Bensalem Rescue Squad moved all the kids from the day care to Station 44 where they were all looked at by EMS.

Chemical Explosion
08/11/2007 Box 88-1, Edge Ave. / Bensalem Blvd:
Chief and Deputy 44 on location with a small chemical explosion in a pool filter unit, along with a male with chemical burns on his leg. Engine 44 and Engine 88 were on scene to assist the Chiefs. Medic 185 responded and transported the male to the hospital.

Quincy Ave Dwelling

08/05/2007 17:18 Box 8-3, 446 Quincy Ave:
Deputy 8 AOS of a 2-story single family dwelling and reported heavy smoke showing from the 2nd floor. Engine 44 was dispatched to cover Station. 8. Engine 44, then responded into the scene. The Engine crew met up with Deputy 44 and split there crew with on group going to the 2nd Floor with an 2" line an the other crew opening up the outside.

Mobile Home Fire

07/22/2007 03:48 Box 44-08, 1446 Gibson Road, C55:
22PD on scene with heavy fire showing from the rear of the dwelling and fire impinging on the exposures. DC44 established command. E44 dropped in and went in-service with 2 hand lines; 1 for the exposure and 1 interior. E88 picked up E44s lay and R8 arrived vented, searched, provided lighting and Air. E12 pulled a 3rd line and entered side A with C8. The fire was knocked down quick however crews were on scene for an extended period for overhaul. E7 was special called for additional manpower. FM222 is investigating the cause.

Dwelling Fire

07/16/2007 10:00 Box 44-14, 5167 Mallard Dr.:
While responding, BC44 filled out the Box due to the numerous calls to 911 reporting a working dwelling fire. DC65 arrived on scene with a 2 story dwelling with smoke and fire showing from side C. E44 arrived on scene side A and pulled a hand line to the interior and hooked up to the hydrant. DC44 established command, L65 laddered and vented L8 assisted with opening the roof and overhaul. E7, E12 and E28 also assisted on scene. The interior crews made a quick knock down and the fire was placed under control in about 20 minutes.

Vehicle Accident Standby

07/14/2007 Box 65-78, 3550 PA Turnpike East:
Engine 65 & Engine 88 were dispatched for a standby accident on the Pa Turnpike. BC44 arrived on scene to find a SUV that had rolled over numerous times and was lying on its side with 3 patients, 2 adults and 1 child. Engine 44's crew arrived on location and started patient care and secured hazards. Patients were transported by Medics 186 and 114. Also, Engine 65 was on location assisting Engine 44's crew.

2 Alarm Dwelling Fire
07/12/2007 17:21, Box 4-2, 3331 West End Ave.:
C4 on scene with fire showing on the 2nd floor of a 3 story twin, C4 established Trevose Command, Engine 65 was first in and went in service with a hand line, E84, E4-1, E6, R9, L1, and SS6, R2 was added for RIT. The second alarm was stuck bringing in E88, E21, ME11, L8, L16, L37 responded. E88 was the first arriving engine on the second alarm. E88 crew was split with one crew being sent to the third floor of the exposure building to pull ceilings while DC44 was in the fire building with DC65. E88 crew also assisted with the overhaul operation. Squads 185 and 114 along with Canteen 4 assisted with rehab.

Main St. Dwelling Fire

06/25/2007 Box 7-2, Main St. & Pennsylvania Ave.:
Engine 44 was called to cover station 8 for a house fire in 7's local. Crews from Station 44 and 88 worked together to get an engine crew to cover station 8 while Engine 88 was en route to station 8, command told county dispatch to add Engine 88 to the house fire. The Engine company arrived on scene and went to work opening up the second floor.

Wires Down
06/20/2007 Box 44-18, Adams Rd. & Adams Circle:
Engines 44,88 and Quint 28 were dispatched to wires down in the road way on Adams Rd and Adams Circle. Engine 88 arrived on scene to find wires down in the road way Engine 88 and Engine 44 shut down the road till Peco arrived on scene.

2007 Marauder II Pumper
5/3/07: Clintonville, WI:

Newport Fire Company's new 2007 Marauder II Pumper.

Building Collapse: 1221 Ford Rd.
03/19/2007 Box 44-18:
While responding to a reported apartment fire in Bristol Twp that was held to Squrt 44 for careless cooking Engines 44 and 88 were dispatched to the 1200 block of Ford Road for a reported building collapse. Engine 88 arrived to find the back part of the warehouse with a sloped collapse. Engine 88 reported that there was a gas leak and had Engine 44 secure gas to the building. BC44 arrived on the Squrt and assumed Newport command. Command requested PECO gas, Bensalem Twp L&I. L&I arrived and condemned the building. Assisting companies were Tower 16, Quint 28, Engine 28, Rescue 12, Medics 185,186 and FM 222.

Dwelling Fire: Craven Court

03/13/2007 Box 88-31:
Companies were dispatched to 5200 block of Craven Court for a reported Dwelling Fire. DC44 arrived to find light smoke showing from the garage. C65 and DC65 arrived and took interior and operations. Interior (C65) reported heavy smoke through out the dwelling. Engine 88 arrived first on side A and went in service and started hand stretching to the hydrant. Engine 8 arrived second and pulled a second line and helped with the supply line. Crews found a mattress fire in the garage. Ladder 65 arrived and handled ventilation. Fire was placed under control and held to one and one. DC44 was Newport Command. FM 222 on scene and the start of the fire is under investigation. Companies responding were Engines 88,7,8,44 Ladder 65 and Medic 185.

Mailbox Explosion

On March 12, 2007 at 19:41, Box # 44-6 was reported as a mailbox fire on Spring Avenue. Upon arrival, Engine 44 found a private mailbox which had exploded. The small explosion was specific to the mailbox and no other surrounding area. Our investigation found a plastic bottle with an unknown liquid and tin foil. The Bensalem FM responded along with Bensalem PD. This incident is also being investigated by the USPS Inspection Service. This area was washed and cleared by Engine 44.

Well Involved Dwelling
02/02/2007 18:57, Washington Ave.:
Chief 11 arrived on scene with a dwelling well involved. Chief 11 special called Squrt 44 to the scene. Squrt arrived and was ordered to back in to Engine 11 and set up. After all that the squrt was told to stand down and have the crew assist with opening up the dwelling on side B. Crew was in service for 2 hours in the sleet weather.

Fully Involved Dwelling

01/31/2007 09:46:
Squrt 44 was added to the box at 0946. Squrt arrived and set up on the side C/D side of the dwelling. The crew from the squrt assisted other companies with overhaul. The squrt crew was in service for two hours in the cold conditions.

Warehouse Fire
01/24/2007 16:26:
Squrt 44 was added on the box. Chief 37 arrived and had heavy fire side B of a vacant warehouse on state rd. Squrt arrived and split the crew to the roof and interior and meet with DC44 who had the interior. Crew was in service for about 1 hour.

Camper Fire

01/18/2007 10:37:
Engine 44 was special called to the scene by Chief 8. Engine 44 arrived and gave Engine 8 water because of a frozen hydrant. Engine crew went to work with Engine 8 on the camper.