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Fire Company News
2008 Archives

Tempo Rd. Dwelling Fire

photos by R Roberts
On December 22, 2008, FM244 and AC8 arrived on scene with fire showing from side A, B and C of a 2 story Dwelling. AC8 took command, reports dwellings evacuated heavy fire through the roof. E77-1 went in service with 1.75" handline and protected the exposures, E8 was involved in a minor MVA while responding, Sq13 pulled a backup line, E44 established a water supply for E77-1 and went interior, The dwelling was evacuated L31 and L8 went in service with ladder pipes, E77-1 with deck gun, R9 added for RIT and was supplemented by L65 who was enroot to cover L8. E7 established a second water supply for L31, R8 provided lighting and air cascade, E31-2, E12,Tw14, R4, R9 and L65 all assisted with extensive overhaul. CT4 and M168 assisted with rehab due to cold weather and wind. Peco was notified of a priority wires down and house energized, several FF's fell due to ice conditions, MTT public works assisted with salting. The fire was placed under control at 1530hrs with no serious injuries. FM244 is investigating the cause. E21, R45, L80 and E52-1 covered.

Bensalem Township Emergency Management Drill

On Friday November 7th. The Newport Fire Company (Engine 44) participated in a Bensalem Township Emergency Management Drill. The drill took place at the Neshaminy Mall and showed just how Bensalem Emergency Services (Fire / Police / EMS) work together. The following Departments took part in the drill: Nottingham FD, Trevose FD, Cornwells FD, Bensalem FMO, Bensalem Police Dept., Bensalem SWAT, Bristol SWAT, Falls SWAT, Bensalem EMS, Bensalem EMA, Bucks County 911, and Bucks County EHS.

2008 Fire Prevention Open House
The Newport Fire Company Annual Fire Prevention Day (Open House) was held on Saturday October 11th at Station 88. This year was a huge success due to hard work by the members and officers. The Newport Fire Company would like to thank everyone who attended and local Business who help us out this year:
  • Bensalem Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo
  • Bensalem Fire Marshall Jay Scanlon
  • State Representative DiGirolamo
  • Bensalem EMS
  • Penndel Fire Co.
  • Newportville Fire Co.
  • Cornwells Fire Co.
  • Bensalem Council Members
  • Bensalem Pubic Saftey Director Fred Harran
  • Bensalem Police K-9
  • William Penn Fire Co.
  • Croydon Fire Co.
  • Third District Fire Co.

First Due Dwelling Fire In The Valley

Sunday October 5, 2008 5:56 pm, Companies were dispatched to the 6500 Block of Senator Lane for the reported bathroom ceiling fan on fire. Chief 44 AOS and found a 2 story twin dwelling with smoke showing from the first and second floor side A. Engine 88 AOS and stretched a 1 ¾ hand line into the dwelling and also stretched a 5” supply line to the hydrant. Chief 44 established Newport Command and added Rescue 9 for RIT. Chief 65 AOS and was assigned the interior division of the fire dwelling. Deputy 65 AOS and took the roof division. Ladder 65 AOS and went to the roof for ventilation. Engine 44 AOS and stretched a 1 ¾ back up line off of engine 88. Engine 7 AOS and pulled a 1 ¾ hand line into the exposure dwelling. Engine 7’s crew checked the dwelling and found no extension. Rescue 8 AOS and assisted with ladders and ventilation of the dwelling. Engine 65 AOS and assisted the crews operating. Rescue 9 AOS and set up the RIT on side A of the dwelling. Engine 4 was added to the call and AOS and did salvage on the first floor of the fire dwelling. Special service 84 was added later for air cascade. The fire was placed under control at 1742 Hours. The fire is being investigated by the Bensalem Twp. Fire Marshal’s office, FM 222-1.

Another Friday Another Fire For The Engine
Friday October 3, 2008 1:51 pm. 2501 Knights Road - Creekside Apartments Originally dispatched as alarm system and then upgraded after several calls to 9-1-1. DC65 (R.Sponheimer) AOS, and reported Heavy smoke side A and fire venting side c of a 3 story garden style Apartment. Engine 65 AOS and went inservice with a 13/4 waterline. Engine 65 OIC reported heavy fire conditions 3rd flood apt. Tower 16 was given orders to go to the roof. Engine 44 and the Chief with 3 AOS as the 4th due Engine and was sent to the Side B exposure Apt. with Engine 4 to check for extension. No extension was found and the Engine returned to service a sort time later.

Dwelling Fire In Middletown Twp. Brings The Engine and Chief to the Scene.

Wednesday September 24, 2008 5:40 pm. Station 7, 77, Rescue 8, Engine 9, Engine 12, were dispatched to Shellflower Road for a working dwelling fire. Chief 7 went responded, and reported getting a Nextel phone call reporting heavy fire showing side A requesting R-31 for R.I.T. Chief 8 arrived on scene and reported a 2 story single family dwelling reporting heavy fire showing Side A. Command advised Engine 77 to drop in and pull a 1 3/4" line to the garage and access the 1st floor through the garage. Command also requested the box to be filled out bringing Engine 44, Tower 14, and Ladder 21. Crews found heavy fire on the 1st floor in the 2 front bedroom's, and heavy fire on the 2nd floors. Engine 44 with 6 and the Chief responded and AOS right behind the first due companies. The Engine crew was put right to work assisting the first due companies. Crews were in service for about 1 1/2 hours. While Engine 44 was at the fire Engine 88 was sent to cover station 8. Station 44 maintained a second engine crew for Engine 44-1. After the fire and the cover the company went on to hold Wednesday night training with station 8.

First Due Dwelling Fire On Friday
Friday September 12, 2008 7:50 am 6400 block of Fulton Ave Box 44-4. E88-(DC44 Dydak Jr.) AOS with heavy smoke showing from a trailer. BC88 (Altomare) established command and reported E88 had fire contained , held assignment to E44,E88,E7 and R8 for manpower. FM222-1 is conducting investigation with 22PD.

Bristol Township Dwelling Fire

Saturday, September 6, 2008 9:00 am Inwood Rd. Engine 44 (RIT) was dispatched with station 13 for the reported dwelling fire. Companies AOS with fire showing from the 2nd floor of a 2 story S/F/D. Engine 44 with 6 AOS and set up RIT on side A of the dwelling. Engine 44 was released a sort time later and returned to service.

Covers Turn into Work for the Engine Companies at the Dunkin Donuts Fire

Tuesday August 26, 2008. Engine 65 was originally dispatched for a report of a dumpster fire, while responding Engine 65 was advised the assignment was being upgraded to a store fire. Deputy 65 AOS heavy fire from the roof and side D of a 50 x 30 store (Dunkin Donuts). Engine 65 dropped in and went in-service with a 2 1/2" and an 1 3/4" waterline(s). Ladder 65 vented the front glass windows and cut an additional hole in the roof. Engine 88 was called to cover Station 65 but before they responded they were called into the scene. Engine 88 AOL and assisted the crews working. Engine 44 was later called to cover Station 65 with Ladder 1 and Rescue 16. After being at station 65 for about 20 minutes Engine 44 was called into the scene to assist. Other companies on locations and assisting were Engine 4, Engine 84, Rescue and Ladder 8. All hands were in-service for an extended period of time. Bensalem FMO and Bensalem Police were on location handling the investigation.

By the end of the night the Company responded to 7 fire calls and 1 QRS call. With the last call of the night being a fourth due box with Engines 44 w/6, 44-1 w/8, 88 w/6 and the Chief with 21 Volunteers responding. Engine 88 AOL and found careless cooking and was held for PPV.

Bristol Township Dwelling Fire

Friday, August 15, 2008 FM225-1 AOS 2 with a 2 story single family dwelling with smoke showing and established command. Engine 44 (Chief McDonough) with 5 AOL and hand stretched a 5" supply line to the hydrant, went in service with the front bumper line and started a primary search as 25PD reported occupants possibly still inside. Deputy 44 (Dydak Jr.) AOL and took the basement division. Engine 12 AOL and assist with the searches and checked for extension. Ladder 11 AOL and conducted a secondary search. With negative results on the searches and no extension the fire was placed under control. Bristol Township FMO is investigating the cause.

Vacant Building Fire

Wednesday July 30, 2008 Engine 16 AOS and reported heavy fire from the 3rd floor of a 3-story vacant building (Erdman Furniture). All companies in-service with master stream operations. Engine 44 was dispatched to cover station and responded to the cover with a crew of 5. After being a station 16 for a few minutes Engine 44 was called to the scene to pick up Engine 16's supply line. Engine 44-1 was then dispatched to cover station 28 and responded to cover with a crew of 8. Engine 88 with a crew of 6 was also available in quarters to cover any calls in the lower end of the Township. Bensalem FMO and Police were on location for the investigation.

Lightning Strike Turns into Dwelling Fire

Wednesday July 24, 2008 Companies were dispatched to 3000 Alden Ct. at 1714 hours for a report of a house struck by lightning. Deputy 65 arrived on location and reported smoke showing from the roof of a two story dwelling (end of a row). Deputy 65 established Newport Command, and placed Engine 44 and Ladder 65 in-service. Interior crews reported fire in the attic and the ladder company ventilated the roof. Engine 8 established a water supply for Engine 44 and Engine 7's crew checked the exposure on the D-Side for extension. Also on the call was Engine 44-1, Field 88, and UT 44. Bensalem FMO was on location for the investigation.

First Due Warehouse Fire

Sunday June 29, 2008 Crews AOS of a 200' x 250' commercial building with nothing showing. After talking with Police and further investigating the Chiefs on location found smoke in the building. Deputy 44 (Dydak Jr.) established the Newport Command. Command placed all companies in-service and added 2 additional engines and a ladder. Engine 44 AOL and dropped a 5" supply line from the hydrant and went in service with a 2 1/2" water line and advanced into the building from side D and encountered a heavy smoke condition. Engine 44-1 AOL and picked up Engine 44's hydrant. Quint 28 AOL and dropped another 5" supply line to side A. Deputy 65, Quint 28, and Engine 44-1's crew took an additional 2 1/2" water line into side A of the building and reported heavy fire, heat and smoke conditions. Both interior crews attacked the fire with 2 1/2" water lines. Engine 88 AOL and stretched a 3" back up line off of Engine 44. Ladder 65 laddered the building and vented the roof with Tower 16. Engine 65 advanced an additional hose line into the building from side C and discovered fire and heavy heat conditions on a 2nd floor mezzanine. Other companies on locations and assisting were Engine 28, 28-1, Engine 16, Engine 11, Engine 12, 82, Rescue 9 for RIT, SS 84, Medic 185 and Canteen 4. Bensalem FMO is investigating the cause of the fire.

Rescue / Hazmat Drill
On Saturday June 28th, Eddington Fire Company hosted a training exercise which included a rolled over tanker truck on two passenger cars. Crews from Eddington (28), Cornwells (16), Union (37), Newportville (12), Newport (44) and Penndel (8) fire company's had to identify and control the hazards before extricating the victims from the vehicles. Special Thanks to Penndel Body Works / Towing and Recovery Team for providing the vehicles and recovery equipment used to assist the fire companies in completing the rescue. The three hour drill was a success despite the hot day; this type of incident is an example of what first responders need to be prepared to respond too. Also while at the training exercise Engine 44 (Lt. Witmer), Battalion 44 (Hilty) responded on a local box in station 37's first due for a reported boat dock on fire. Engine 44 AOL and extinguished the small fire.

Bensalem Breaks Ground on Training Center
Wednesday June 18, 2008, was the official ground breaking ceremony for the new state of the art 5 story 20,000 square foot Emergency Services Training Center located in Bensalem. The construction project is expected to be completed by the end of 2008. Mayor DiGirolamo was accompanied in the ceremony by representatives from Township Council and administration , as well as representatives from the Bensalem Police Department, Bensalem EMS, Bensalem Township fire companies, Public Safety Director Fred Harran and key members from the construction team.

Busy June Morning
6/17/08 Newport Volunteers have busy morning with three QRS calls and two first due Tactical boxes.

The first Tactical box (88-1 box @ 0313 hours) was for wires inside the dwelling on Washington Lane. Deputy 44 and Battalion 44 arrived on location, with a 2 story dwelling and reported “nothing showing” and went on to investigate inside. Chief 44 AOL and assumed command. Engine 44-1 AOL, side A with a hydrant and its crew went inside to assist in the investigation. Engine 44 AOL and stood by with Engine 44-1. Engine 88 AOL and staged at a secondary water supply. The investigation indicated a malfunctioning heater. Mutual aid assisting companies consisted of Ladder 8 and Engine 7. Newport had 17 Volunteers respond to this call.

The second Tactical box assignment (44-16 box @ 0509) was for a reported dwelling fire in the 5200 Block of Bay Road. Captain 44 (Rastetter) AOL and reported fire showing from the front (Side A) of a 2 story townhouse “middle of the row” dwelling. A neighbor, armed with his garden hose knocked down most of the fire. Chief 44 (McDonough) AOL and established Newport Command and was advised by Captain 44 that five occupants may be entrapped. Captain 44 made access into the dwelling and proceeded to the second floor, where he discovered an 8 year old child asleep in his bedroom. Captain 44 removed the child from his bed, and proceeded to alert the remaining occupants of the fire and subsequently led all the occupants out the rear door of the burning structure. In the meantime, Deputy 44 (Dydak) AOL and made his way into the dwelling to assist Captain 44. Engine 441 (LT. Witmer) with 5 AOL and dropped a 5” line from the hydrant at Portside Drive and North Bay Road and went in-service with a 1 ¾ hand line. Engine 441’s crew performed a secondary search of the structure, while the lineman wet down the fire area. Engine 441’s crew commenced overhaul operations to check for fire extension into the dwelling and determined that fire was contained to the front door, door jam and the front overhang of the dwelling. The assignment was held to the units from Newport. Medic 185 AOL and examined the occupants. Engine 44 and Engine 88 assisted with manpower. Mutual Aid dispatched companies consisted of Ladder 65, Engine 12 and Rescue 8 for RIT. FM 222-1 AOL and conducted his investigation. The scene was turned over to FM 222-1 and the company went available at 0625 hrs. Newport had 12 Volunteers respond to this call. To Captain 44 Jeff Rastetter “A JOB WELL DONE”

In between Fire Calls the Utility handled 3 Qrs. Calls
Thanks to all the members that help get the apparatus out day and night.

Auto Extrication

On May 16, 2008 at approx. 1330 hours, Companies were dispatched on RBox 4417 at Bridgewater and Byberry Roads for a Vehicle Extrication. This was a one vehicle accident with the vehicle overturned. Companies responding were R-12, R-16, E-44, E-88 and Medic 185. The driver was taken to a local hospital and this accident in under investigation by Bensalem PD.

Our Condolences
The Officers and Members of the Newport Fire Company wish to extend our condolences to the Liczbinski Family. Firefighter Marty Liczbinski's uncle was Philadelphia Police Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski who was killed in the line of duty on Saturday May 3, 2008. Sergeant Liczbinski was a 12 year veteran with the department and was recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Sgt. Liczbinski is survived by his wife, three children and many family members. We ask everyone to please keep Marty and his family in all your thoughts and prayers . If anyone would like to make a donation in memory of Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski, you can do so by sending a contribution to: Stephen Liczbinski Family Memorial Trust Fund
Firefighters and Police Officers Credit Union
901 Arch Street
Philadelphia Pa 19107

The Officers and Members of the Newport Fire Company wish to extend our condolences to the Sholly Family. The Mother, of Member Brian Sholly, passed away on Wednesday April 30 2008. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

First Due Fire on Williamson Ct.

Companies were dispatched at 14:32 to the 2400 block of Williamson Ct for a dwelling fire with smoke coming from the roof. Chief 65 (Harris) arrived on location with a 2 story end of the row town house with smoke showing from the roof. Chief 44 (McDonough) arrived on location and established the Williamson Ct. command. Engine 44 with 5 (BC88 Altomare) arrived on location and steamered the hydrant and stretched an 1 3/4" hand line to the attic. Deputy 65 (Sponheimer) had the interior command. Crews had fire in the attic area. Ladder 65 went in service opening the roof with Chief 65 as the roof sector. Engine 8 pulled the back up line and assisted in the interior and also checked the side B exposure. No extension was found and the fire was quickly placed under control and contained to the attic area. Apparatus on scene Engines 44, 8, 7 and Ladder 65. Bensalem Fire Marshal's Office on location with the investigation. All crews cleared the scene at 15:49.

Pennsylvania Ave. Fire

Dwelling Fire 29 Pennsylvania Ave 4/2/08 Box 44-6 @ 1709 hours:
Engine 44 arrived on scene to find a 1 ½ story S.F.D. with a smoke condition from the roof. E44’s crew went in service 1 ¾ water line. Engine 88 arrived on the scene and reversed out to the hydrant. 88’s crew pulled a 1 ¾ back up line. Lieutenant 44 (Witmer) had interior BC 88 (Altomare) established Newport command. Ladder 8 arrived on location and went in service to the roof. Interior crews reported heavy fire running the attic area. Crews where in service with two 1 ¾ water lines. Fire was placed under control at 1736 hrs. Crews remained on scene for an extended period of time with extensive overhaul. Apparatus on scene Engines 7, 8, 12, 82, 44, 44-1, 88 ladder 8 and SS 84 for an air cascade. Bensalem FMO was on location for the investigation.