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Fire Company News
2009 Archives


December 28, 2009 Box 16-76 was dispatched for Holy Ghost Prep at the Church for a building fire. Chief 16 AOL with smoke showing from the roof. Engine 16 picked up a hydrant and stretched a 1 ¾” line. Engine 44 AOL and staged on Bristol Pike and was advised to assist Engine 16. Companies had fire running the ceiling on the second floor. The Engine crews from Newport assisted on the inside with extinguishment and overhaul.


Tuesday December 22, 2009 8:33 am, Engine 44 and Engine 88 were dispatched as part of the box assignment for the Thunder Hollow Apartments in the 65-16 Box. Chief 65 AOL and reported smoke showing from the roof. Chief 44 AOL with Chief 65 and went to the interior and reported a smoke condition on the second floor. Engine 65 AOL took the hydrant and went in-service with a 1 ¾” hand line. Ladder 65 AOL and opened the roof. Engine 88 AOL and was detailed to pull a back-up line. Engine 44 AOL and staged. The Fire was placed under control at 8:49 am. After the fire was out Engine 88 assisted with overhaul.


Saturday December 12, 2009 4:56 pm, Engine 88 was dispatched to the 3000 block of Sheppard Rd. in the 88-09 box for a car on fire next to the house. Deputy 44 AOL and reported an auto in front of the garage on fire. Engine 88 W/4 AOL and went in-service with the front bumper line. The fire was extinguished and the dwelling was checked for extension and none was found. FM 222 was call to the scene for the investigation.

The Company Run Apartment Fire In The 12-10 Box
Wednesday November 11, 2009 11:41pm, Engine 44, Engine 44-1, Engine 88, Utility 44 and Deputy 44 with a total of 15 Volunteers responded to 1100 Newportville Rd. in the 12-10 Box for a reported Apartment Fire. Captain 12-1 AOL with smoke showing. Ladder 10 returning from a previous call AOL and went in service with a 1 3/4” pre-connect. Engine 44 arrived, secured their own water supply and the crew stretched the 300’ 1 3/4” pre-connect to back up ladder 10’s crew in the fire apartment on the third floor. Engine 44-1 and Engine 88 arrived and assisted with searches, ventilation, and opening up.

Monday Morning Brings Engine 44, Deputy 44, And Assistant 44 To The 28-6 Box For Fire Showing From Attached Garage

Monday November 9, 2009 5:46 am, Engine 44 was dispatched with Station 28 and Tower 16 to Barnswallow Rd. for a Dwelling Fire. Assistant 28 AOL with Fire showing from an attached garage. Engine 44 (Capt. Witmer) w/3 AOL behind Tower 16 and went in-service with the front bumper line to the interior and secured a water supply from Tower 16. Deputy 44 AOL and took the Interior Division, Assistant 44 AOL and worked with the crew from Engine 44. After the fire in the garage was extinguished the crew proceeded to assist the companies on the second floor with extinguishment there. Companies on location Q-28, E-28, E16, R-16, E-37, Tac-37, and E-84 for the RIT. The Company returned to service at 8:56 am.

The First of Three Fires For The Company Brings Vacant House Trailer In The First Due

Saturday November 7, 2009 7:56 pm, Companies were dispatched to Top of the Ridge for a Dwelling Fire. Engine 44 (Chief McDonough) w/4 responded and was advised by the County of a few more calls reporting a vacant trailer on fire in the A section of the park. Engine 44 arrived with fire showing from a vacant, laid a supply line and established the Command. The crew stretched the front bumper line and started to extinguish the fire. Rescue 8 AOL and Picked up Engine 44's line and pulled a second line from Engine 44. Rescue 13 AOL and set up the RIT. Engine 44-1 (Capt. Witmer) w/3 Engine 88 (FF Klein) w/3, and Engine 12 AOL and assisted the crews working. The Fire is under investigation by the Bensalem FMO and Bensalem Police Department.

For the Month of September 2009 the Company ran 47 calls.
Apparatus totals:
Engine 44 w/36
Engine 44-1 w/4
Engine 88 w/22
Busiest time of day 1200-1800-w/22
Average Turnout per Incident was 8
Busiest Type of Call was Fire Alarms w/9
Working Fires: 2

Top 7 Personnel:
Captain A. Witmer-38
Firefighter S. Wendler-35
Firefighter J. Davis-34
Firefighter D. Thomas-25
Chief J. McDonough-23
Assistant Chief N. Altomare-21
Lieutenant K. Kozel-21

Newport Fire Company Open House
Come join the members of the Newport Fire Company for their Annual Open House on Saturday, October 10, 2009 from 11 am to 4 pm. This years theme is "Stay Fire Smart - Don't Get Burned!"

There will be many activities for all ages, demonstrations, apparatus displays, food, games, prizes, 50/50's, raffles, and much more. So come on out to the Newport Volunteer Fire Company and support your local Fire Company!


Sunday, September 27, 2009- Engine 37 (Union) was Dispatched for an alarm system on Woodhaven Dr. They AOL with smoke showing and the assignment was upgraded. With all companies on the first alarm going to work, Engine 44 as part of the task force was sent to cover Station 16. After being at the cover for 30 min. Engine 44 was dispatched as the first due Engine on the Second alarm. Engine Company 44 with 4 AOL and assisted companies with extensive overhaul. Engine Company 88 the only Engine in the Township not dispatched on the second alarm remained available with a crew of 6 to cover the first due.

Monday, September 21, 2009 At 2342 hrs units were dispatched for a reported house on fire at 68 Butternut Rd. in Bristol Township. Engine Company 44 responded on the run with 6 volunteers as the RIT. The first Chief arrived on the scene of a 1 story single family home with fire showing. Engine 44 arrived behind Rescue 10 and immediately went to work fulfilling the RIT duties. As the officer did a 360 size up of the building the crew threw additional ladders to 2 sides of the building, venting all windows completely and staging tools in the front for a possible deployment. The OIC of the Engine found heavy fire from side’s b and c that was starting to involve the overhead power lines. This was relayed to the CP and all crews were removed from the area. The fire was knocked down by interior units and placed under control. The Engine Company then assisted with overhaul and hitting hot spots. Engine Company 88 maintained a crew in station to cover the first Due.

Squirt 44- AKA Engine 44-1, Tower 88, and Tower 44 Sold

After more than 20 years of active service, On July 29, 2009 we sold our 1986 E-One Squirt to Red Hill Fire Company, Red Hill, PA (Montgomery County). Good Luck Red Hill Fire Company. And see you October 10th.

One Trapped On Bensalem Blvd.
July 18,2009 0046 hours- After a quite few days Engine 44 w/4 (BC Rastetter), Engine 88 w/6 (Lt.Kozel), Chief 44, Deputy 44, and Assistant 44 responded to Bensalem Blvd and Craig Ave for an accident with entrapment. Chief 44 & Deputy 44 AOL and found one vehicle on its roof with one trapped. Engine 44 AOL, stabilization the vehicle with the Junk Yard Dogs and pulled a protection line. Engine 88 AOL and assisted Engine 44. Deputy 44 advised Chief 44 that after talking with the Paramedics that this would need to be a rapid extrication. At this time Rescue 8 AOL and was given the order to go in service. The Rescue Co. went to work with 2 Cutters and the 27” Spreader, the extrication was complete in 5 minutes. Rescue 12 AOL and stood fast and assisted with lighting.

Summer Picnic: July 11, 2009

The Newport Fire Company held their annul picnic on July 11, 2009. Members and their families had a great day of fun, food, and spending time with their family and their brothers and sisters of the fire house.

For the Month of June 2009 the Company ran 23 calls.
Apparatus totals:
Engine 44 w/12
Engine 44-1 w/6
Engine 88 w/19
Busiest time of day 0601-1200-w/12
Average Turnout per Incident was 9
Busiest Type of Call was Fire Alarms w/9

Top 6 Personnel:
Firefighter S. Wendler-18
Assistant Chief N. Altomare-16
Lieutenant T. Witmer-16
Firefighter D. Thomas-14
Lieutenant T. McCool Jr-14
Firefighter M. Pierce-13

Firefighter John Sasse Graduates From the Philadelphia Police Academy

Monday June 29, 2009- After months at the training academy, John has graduated the academy and was sworn in as a Philadelphia Police Officer on Monday.

The Officers and Members of the Newport Fire Company Wish John and the entire class 355 the best of luck in your new career.

For the Month of May 2009 the Company ran 31 calls.
Apparatus totals:
Engine 44 w/28
Engine 44-1 w/2
Engine 88 w/13
Field 88 w/2

Busiest time of day 1201-1800-w/14
Average Turnout per Incident was 10
Busiest Type of Call was Fire Alarms w/11

Top 7 Personnel:
Captain A. Witmer-22
Firefighter S. Wendler-21
Chief J. McDonough-20
Assistant Chief N. Altomare-19
Firefighter D. Thomas-19
Lieutenant K. Kozel-18
Lieutenant T. Witmer-18

Bensalem Firefighter's Field

On Saturday May 16, 2009 Bensalem Township's Mayor DiGirolamo and Members of Council, together with the six township fire company's attended for the grand opening of the new soccer field at Rockhill Dr. and Richlieu Rd. In honor of the township's firefighters, Mayor DiGirolamo and Council named the complex "Bensalem Firefighter's Field".

For the Month of April 2009 the Company ran 38 calls. Apparatus totals Engine 44 w/31, Engine 44-1 w/9, Engine 88 w/17, Field 88 w/2. Busiest time of day was 0601-1200 w/6 and 1201-1800 w/6. Average Turnout per Incident was 10. Busiest Type of Call was Fire Alarms w/8. Working fires 2, cut jobs 2. Top 6 Personnel are: Captain A. Witmer w/31, Firefighter S. Wendler w/30, Lieutenant T. Witmer w/28, Firefighter J. Davis w/28, Lieutenant K. Kozel w/27, Chief J. McDonough w/20.

First Due Dwelling fire in the 44-25 Box

Monday April 27, 2009 7:55 pm, Companies were dispatched to 834 Roberts Rd. for a dwelling fire. Chief 44 AOS and reported smoke showing from a 1 story SFD. Further investigation found a 1 story in the front and 2 stories in the rear with a working basement fire. Engine 16 was on the street heading to an event in the 88 local and arrived as the first due engine. Deputy 44 AOS and established the Newport Command and Chief 44 had the operations sector. Engine 44-1 with 6 arrived on scene right behind Engine 16 and assisted with water supply and getting hand lines in-service. Engine 88 with 3 AOS and laid out a secondary water supply from Engine 44-1 to the hydrant at Roberts Rd. & Bensalem Blvd. (1,200ft) Q-28,E-28-1,E-65,T-16 assisted on the scene with fire ground operations. Rescue 8 and 9 were added on the working fire dispatch. Rescue 8 AOS and went to work and Rescue 9 AOS and established the RIT on side A and C due to partial collapse of the first floor. Ladder 65 was added and AOS and opened the roof. SS-6 was added for air cascade. The fire is under investigation by the Bensalem FMO and Bensalem Police.

2 Alarm Townhouse Fire in Lower Southampton brings Engine 88 to the Scene

Monday April 27, 2009 1537 hours Box 6-27 Deputy 6 AOS and reported an end of the row dwelling well involved. Command quickly struck the second alarm. Engine 88(Lt. Kozel) responded with 5 volunteers and AOS as the first due company on the second alarm. Engine 88 was put to work on the fire ground doing numerous assignments.

Engine 44, Deputy 44 and Assistant 44 Run One Trapped On Newportville Rd
Thursday April 23, 2009-In the early morning hours Engine 44 was alerted with Station 12 to a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Engine 44(BC Rastetter), Deputy 44(Dydak Jr.) and Assistant 44(Altomare) responded with 8 volunteers to Newportville. Rd. in the 12-44 box. Engine 44 arrived on scene and quickly went to work and deployed the Holmatro rescue tools. Engine 44 assisted Rescue 12 in the extrication of the patient.

Engine 44 and Deputy 44 Respond To One Trapped On The PA Turnpike
Monday April 6, 2009 1451 hours Rescue Box 10-66. Engine 44 and Deputy 44 responded to the PA Turnpike WB west of the Delaware River Bridge. Deputy 44 AOS and reported 1 trapped in a box truck. Engine 10 and Engine 44 AOS and went in-service with fire suppression and deployed the Holmatro rescue tools. Rescue 12, 53, and 32 AOS and assisted with the extrication. The extrication was complete at 1517 hours.

Newport Fire Company Easter Flower Sale
Help support the Newport Fire Company's Easter flower sale at the following locations: Station 44 at 5961 Bensalem Blvd. and Station 88 at 2900 Pasqualone Blvd.
Dates and Times:
Thursday April 9th and Friday April 10th from 5pm to 9pm
Saturday April 11th from 8am to 9pm
Sunday April 12th from 8am to 2pm

On Saturday the 11th at 10am we will be having a Easter Egg Hunt for kids at Station 88, 2900 Pasqualone Blvd, along with pictures with the Easter Bunny and refreshments.