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Fire Company News
2012 Archives

Newport Fire Company will be accepting donations for Hurricane Sandy victims on Sunday, November 11.
Please bring any items from the list below to Station 88
2900 Pasqualone Blvd
Bensalem, PA 19020

2:00pm - 6:00 pm

Crucial Items: Baby Formula, Diapers for all ages, new packages of socks & underwear for all ages, Coats, Blankets, Twin sheet sets, Towels, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Soap, Deodorant & Shampoo, Paper Products, Baby Care Items, Personal Care Items

Food Products
  • coffee
  • sugar, white and brown
  • powdered pre-sweetened drink mixes (iced tea, lemonade, fruit punch)
  • canned tomato products
  • tea bags
  • juice
  • pancake syrup
  • assorted cold breakfast cereals
  • oatmeal
  • canned goods
  • spices
  • garlic powder
  • seasoned salt
  • black pepper
Personal Care Items
  • tooth paste
  • tooth brushes
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • hand and body lotions
  • antibacterial liquid hand soap in dispensers
  • bath soap-small bars (antibacterial preferred)
  • women's sanitary products
  • disposable razors
  • shaving cream
  • antiperspirant
  • combs/brushes

Medications and First Aid Products: Tylenol, aspirin or ibuprofen, cough and cold medications (adults and children), band-aid and other first aid products, cough drops, Vic's vapor rub

Paper Products: toilet tissue, facial tissues, paper towels, paper napkins

Baby Care Items: disposable diapers (all sizes), diaper ointments, creams, powders, baby oil.

Engine 441: 1992 E-One Pumper FOR SALE
Please contact mike6665@verizon.net and brian.beecher@lfhrs.com for more information
Information Sheet

New Medic Unit in Station 88

September 17, 2012: Bensalem EMS placed Medic 188 in service out of Station 88. Newport Fire Company and Bensalem EMS have talked for years in about putting this unit in service. Newport Fire Company is glad to welcome the crew from Bensalem EMS.

Thank you to all of the sponsors and people who participated in and supported the car show!

Newport Fire Company
Car Show

Saturday August 25, 2012 @ Station 88
Click flyer for more details

Field 88 Special Called
August 8, 2012: At 1323 Hrs Field 88 was special called on box 1-8. Field 88 was to work the outside of the building fire, stopping the spread of brush burning. However access around the building was hampered because of where the building was. The crew of the field ended up working hand lines and helped extinguish the fire. Crew was released after being on scene for 1 hour and 38 minutes.

First Due Working Houe Fire
July 18, 2012: At 15:32 Hrs. the company was dispatched to a reported deck on fire in the rear of the house. Numerous calls to BCFR reported that the rear of the house was on fire. Companies arrived and went in service first and second floors. Crews on both floors encountered fire conditions. Truck companies opened the roof. The home owner was transported by Bensalem EMS for unknown injuries. Companies were on scene for 1 hour and 46 minutes. Cause of the fire is being investigated by the Bensalem Fire Marshalls Office and the Bensalem Police Department. Units that responded on the call were, Engine(s) 44, 88, 7, 222, Ladder 65, Rescue 8, Rescue 9 as RIT, and Bensalem EMS. Chief 65 had the Newport Command.

Engine and Chief on the 3rd Alarm
July 15, 2012: At 22:29 Hrs. when Engine 44 was clearing up after an alarm call the Engine was sent on a Task Force cover. At 22:37 the third alarm was struck on box 22-66 sending the Engine and Chief. Engine was assigned to work with Ladder 65 and Rescue 31 on the third floor of a apartment building attacking the fire. Crew was in service for 2 hours and 36 minutes before being released by command. Before the companies arrival on the third alarm, a may day was transmitted for firefighters down after a partial collapse. RIT was activated and helped the firefighters out of the building. Those firefighters were transported to area hospitals. Two firefighters were sent down town for burns. All have been discharged and making a speedy recovery.

Engine and Chief Dispatched for RIT
July 10, 2012: At 18:32 Hrs. Engine 44 and the Chief responded as the RIT team on Box 13-35 at teh Golden Dawn Resturant. Crew set up on side "A' of the building. Crew was released by command 42 minutes later.

Response Video

Cliff Rescue

June 8th, 1842 Hrs: Company was disptached by the request of Bensalem EMS for a subject that fell off his ATV along the banks of the Neshaminy Creek. The Chief, both Battalions, and both Engines responded on the call. On arrival it was determined that it was alittle more than just help carry the subject up and the assignment was upgraded to a cliff rescue, bringing in Rescue 8.

Rigging was set up off the bumper of Engine 44 while crews made access removing wooden and chain linked fences. Pt was placed into a stokes basket and hauled up the cliff and transported by Bensalem EMS with unknown injuries by 1913 Hrs. Company was on scene for 60 minutes. Chief 44 had the command.

Dwelling Fire
June 5th: Company was dispatched to Bensalem Blvd/ Bristol Rd for a dwelling fire. Deputy 44 arrived and had a 3 story old farm house with fire showing first floor side "A" and "D". Companies went to work extinguishing the fire. Assiting companies were stations 8,9,65, Bensalem EMS, and Bensalem FMO. Fire was under the investigation of the Bensalem FMO and Police department. Company was on scene for 1 hour and 48 minutes. Deputy 44 had the Newport Command of this incident.

DOW Chemical Fire
May 16th, 0348 Hrs: Engine 44 was dispatched on the second alarm at DOW chemical after a lighting strike blew the top off two storage tanks. The Engine crew, Chief , and Deputy assisted station 11 with multiple assignments. Crew was released after being on scene 6 hours and 8 minutes.

Morning Dwelling Fire
April 20th, 0923 Hrs: Engine 44 was dispatched with station 8 on a dwelling fire. Companies arrived with fire showing. Engine 44 arrived and split their crew. One part of the crew searched and the other part laddered the dwelling and did vertical ventilation. Crews were relased after being on scene 1 hour and 14 minutes.

RIT Engine Put to Work

April 7, 2012: At 12:17 Hrs Engine 44 was dispatched as the RIT company on Tactical box 13-1. Engine 44 arrived on scene and set up for RIT. As the RIT team did it's size up the crew took down a wooden fence and chain link fence to make better access from side "D" to side "C". Once that was complete command put Engine 44 to work. The crew pulled a line off Engine 44 and went interior through a side "D" window. After the fire was knocked the crew helped with a secondary search. Once that was complete the crew was released by Chief 13 shortly thereafter.

Dwelling Fire

April 5, 2012: At 13:47 Hrs Engines 44 and 88 were dispatched on Tactical box 07-03 for a dwelling fire. Deputy 7 arrived and had heavy smoke showing. Engine 44 was responding within two minutes of dispatch and was first in. Engine company found the fire in the kitchen area and extinguished the fire. Engine companies checked for extension and found minor extension. Both engine companies were released by Deputy 7 short time later.

Store Fire

April 5, 2012: At 05:22 the company was dispatched to a first due store fire. Chief 44 arrived and had smoke showing from side "A" and the roof area. Engine 44 was the first due engine and went to side "A" and went in service. Ladder 65 went to side C and went to the roof, Ladder 8 was side "A" with engine 44 and also went to the roof. Engine 7 stood by at the hydrant and their manpower was used. Engine company found a gas fire and extingushed it using a dry chemical extinguisher. Ladder companies did ventilation. Bensalem Fire Marshals office was on the scene handling the investigation.

First Due Apartment Fire

April 1, 2012: While Engine 44 and Engine 88 were on the scene helping Bensalem police with lighting at an accident, BCFR advised the company of an apartment fire in our first due with people jumping out windows. Engine 88 arrived in three minutes of the call and had a 2 story apartment with smoke showing. Engine 88 and Engine 44 advanced lines into the court yard and went in service. While inside the crew knocked down the fire to the original fire room and searched. The engine chauffeurs secured a water supply, threw ladders, and vented the windows for the interior crews working. All this was done before the arrival of mutual aide companies. Bensalem EMS transported the two people to the hospital. Cause of the fire is under investigation by Bensalem Township Fire Marshal.

Newport Fire Company
Annual Easter Flower Sale

April 5-7: 0900 - 2100
Easter Sunday (April 8): 0830 - sold out
You can buy flowers at the following locations

Station 44
5961 Bensalem Blvd
Bensalem, PA 19020
Station 88
2900 Pasqualone Blvd
Bensalem, PA 19020

Apartment Fire with Entrapment
March 2, 2012: At 1126 this morning Newport was dispatched 5th due on box 7-10 at the Foxwood Manor Apartment complex for a reported apartment fire. While enroute 44PD went on scene confirming a working fire with confirmed entrapment. Engine 44 was first in and placed the engine in the court yard. Crew streatched line into the apartment that mostly burned itself out. Crew found the victum Class 5. Engine crew checked for extension and provided ventilation. Engine was released by FM244.

Engine 88 catches work while on a cover
February 27, 2012: 0813 in the morning Engine 88 was dispatched to cover Station 8 on the Taskforce. Middletown companies were on a working house fire at the time. During the cover at 0919 Engine 88 was dispatched along with the task force to Canyon Rd for a reported house fire. Engine 77-1 arrived on scene with smoke showing. The crew from Engine 77-1 made a quick knock on a fire in the heater room with minor extension. Engine 88 arrived and was placed into staging and the was released a short time later.

Engine 44, Utility 88, and the Chief on the 4th Alarm
February 25, 2012: At 2325 Engine 44 was dispatched to cover station 98 (Morrisville) as they were battling a 3 alarm row home fire. While enroute to the cover, Morrisville command struck the 4th alarm on box 98-50 bringing Engine 44 in on the call. The crews from Newport assisted in operating in numerous houses along the row. Crews opened up ceilings, walls, and operated hoselines after exposing some of the fire still running the roof line. Crews were on scene for 94 minutes.

Fire with Entrapment
February 8, 2012: At approximately 0630 in the morning box 88-15 was transmitted as an address of fire with confirmed entrapment. 22PD arrived on scene and confirmed fire showing and everyone was reported out. Engine 88 arrived on scene with Chief 4 and had fire showing side "A" of a two story garden style apartment. Engine 88 dropped in and went in service and Chief 4 (Doster) took Newport Command. Ladder 8 arrived and went to the roof and opened up. Ladder 65 arrived and split their crew for a back up line and search. Engine 44 arrived and started overhaul. Engine 84 picked up Engine 88's hydrant. Fire was placed under control and FM222 was on the scene handling the investigation. All companies that responded were stations 4,6,7,8,9,13,65,84.