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Fire Prevention
Fire Safety Tips

Smoke Detectors
Detector batteries do not last forever. Don't wait until the low battery alert sounds. When you change your clock, change your battery.

Test your detector at least twice monthly. Your children will know what is sounds like and you will be certain it works.

Dial 9-1-1 (in Bucks County, Pa)
~ If it is a Fire Emergency, call from a neighbors house.
~ Calmly state Name, Address, Phone #, and type of emergency.
~ Have someone outside to meet the Emergency responders. ( it is much easier for the responding agency to spot a person waving than an address on a building.

Helpful Hints
Mark your home or business with a street address with numbers that are large enough to read from a distance, and in contrast with the building color.(if you have a mailbox at the street, it is even better to have the numbers PROMINENTLY marked and visible from both directions of the street.)

Please be certain that the Fire Hydrant nearest your property is clear and free of all weeds (and snow/ice in the winter) and other obstructions.

Were you aware?
Ask any child and they can probably tell you exactly where the matches or lighter is. Always beware of their curiosity!!

E.D.I.T.H (Exit Drills In The Home)
  • Have a preplan with 2 exits or 2 means of escape from your HOME, APARTMENT, or BUILDING.
  • Have a safe place outside where everyone should meet and remain there to be accounted for.
  • Draw it up! Show your plan to all members of the family. Post it (along with the kid s drawings and other notes on your refrigerator).
  • Practice, practice, practice! Just like they hold drills in school, and now in offices, hold a drill in your home. Get everyone involved. Be prepared.

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