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Fund Drive Information
Fund Drive Information
The Officers and Members of the Newport Fire Co. No.# 1 would like to thank everyone in our community for your support of the 2019 fund drive. It was a success. Your donation goes for the high costs to replace fire fighters gear, air packs, hose, state of the art tools, to provide the best fire protection to you and your family!!

The cost of a new Fire engine is up to $450,000.00, a new Ladder Truck costs up to $750,000.00, a full set of firefighting gear including coat, pants, boots, gloves, hood, helmet costs over $2000.00.

We have a operating budget that we put together each December for fuel, electric, oil heat, building maintenance, vehicle repairs, small tools, cellular phones, pagers, postage, public relations, accounting and legal expenses training and education, Fire prevention, depreciation, and fund drive expense.

Our fund drive is conducted solely by mail. We do not solicit on the phone, nor do we go door-to-door. We hope that when you receive our fund drive request for a contribution, please remember that you are helping us to help you and your neighbors.

We are 100% VOLUNTEER. We depend on you!!!